Your Business USP Is Vital to Marketing Success

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What is your business USP? While many business owners and entrepreneurs seem to think they know their unique selling proposition, the truth is that, for most, it’s not all that unique. You have to get this dialed in if you’re going to find true marketing success.

Why You Need to Know Your Business USP

There are a few foundational basics when it comes to smart marketing. And a strong USP is one of them. What differentiates your business? Are you faster, smarter, cheaper, or more thorough? Do you do what you do in a way that nearly none of your competitors is doing?

Knowing your business USP—what sets you apart from the competition—is a key component of your marketing message. It’s right up there with your why (and it might even be your why!). Below are five tips you can use to brainstorm your business USP.

Tip 1: What Are Customers Buying?

When reviewing your business, it’s important to differentiate between what you sell and what your customers are buying. You may sell banking services, but your customers are buying peace of mind. If you sell HVAC service, your customers might be buying home comfort.

Get out of the ordinary way of thinking here. This isn’t a linear exercise. It’s a little bit more right-brained to think of your products and services in this light.

If you’re not sure what your customer are buying, ask them! They’ll tell you.

Tip 2: How Do You Work with Customers?

Consider how you do business with your customers. Do you offer a mobile service in an industry where most others don’t? Can you offer services internationally? Are you exclusively online or in person? If you do something even slightly different from others, that could be your business USP.

Tip 3: How Is Your Product or Service Delivered?

Do you have a set of drones to deliver your products? That would be unique! Amazon has nailed down free two-day delivery as a major business USP for them. Now others (we’re looking at you, Target) are looking to offer something similar after seeing how successful this initiative has been for Bezos and Co.

Tip 4: Look to Your Competition

Every business has competitors. Review their businesses for ways in which you differ from them. If your team has won awards or has specific credentials, that would be something to hold out as a strong business USP.

Run through tips 1–3 to see what those businesses and doing differently and see if you can find opportunity for your business.

Tip 5: Imitate the Best

Just as Target took the idea of free two-day shipping from Amazon, you too can copy one of the greats. Take a look at what the leaders in your industry (and not in your industry as well!) are doing. Is there something you could copy and improve?

As Oscar Wilde famously quipped, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” There’s nothing wrong with taking another company’s business USP, molding it to your company, and then embracing that new thing as your own.

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Start with Your Business USP; End with Smart Marketing

Your USP is what makes you stand out from the competition and helps create a foundation for your marketing, so spend some time on this topic if you don’t already know what yours is. Test it out; ask your customers; survey your team. Once you have a strong business USP, creating a smart marketing message will be that much easier.

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