Smartest-for-You Package

At Ink & Quill Communications, we are fully dedicated to our partners. You spend all of your time taking care of your clients, and we want to reward you by taking care of you. That’s why we’ve created our Smartest-for-You package to ensure you’re getting what you need at an investment point that is manageable.

Let’s face it: marketing can be confusing. You do what you do so well, and no one expects you to be able to run your business, service your customers, and do your marketing. That’s why we have created a central location for your marketing needs. As your outsourced chief marketing officer (CMO), we coordinate everything from strategy to implementation. We challenge you, we support you, and we handle it all—so you don’t have to.

Our Packages

As the IQ behind smart marketing, we have created smart, smarter, and smartest packages to provide solutions that work best for you. Most companies start in the middle, but you can choose whichever level works best for you right now. As your needs change and we grow your business, your budget can grow with that. That’s how it’s a Smartest-for-You package.

smartest-for-you packages

Smartest-for-You Package

All potential partners go through a 30-minute deep dive to determine your needs and how we’ll be able to help. We then outline packages according to the smart, smarter, and smartest model. At each level, you gain access to our nearly 50 years of combined experience in marketing, advertising, SEO, and design; what changes is the types of services we can provide. We can pull from all of our expertise areas, as well as manage outside vendors, to ensure that we are meeting your marketing goals.

And here’s the kicker:

Your monthly investment is static.

That’s right; you pay the same amount each month, regardless of what we’re doing on our end.

How It Works

Each month, when we take a seat at your table and plan our marketing strategy, we’ll look at your upcoming goals and events. We then plan around them.

Let’s say that you’re a plumber and the winter holidays—between November and New Year’s Day—are your busiest season. We may determine that blogs, SEO, direct mail, and advertising are the way to get the word out. Our team will work behind the scenes to manage all of that at the Smartest-for-You package you have chosen. At the end of each month, you will receive a detailed account of what we’ve done, as well as what was successful and what we plan to change. If needed, we can even bank some of your investment to put toward a specific strategy down the line.

Obviously, although we are good at budgeting, we are not miracle workers. For clients in the smart package, getting regular commercials on TV likely isn’t feasible. However, we will always be upfront with you about what we’re doing so you can stay in budget. If we need additional funds to target certain areas, we’ll let you know enough in advance that you can plan.

That’s our Smartest-for-You package and how we truly maintain the IQ behind your smart marketing.