We Can All Make a Difference on Giving Tuesday

giving tuesday

It’s a simple idea. Giving Tuesday is a global event that takes place on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving. It has helped amplify fundraising efforts for nonprofits and charitable causes since 2012. The event takes place across social media platforms, in chambers of commerce, and in communities around the globe.

If you watch the news or spend any time on social, you know that we live in a world filled with need. From the fires in California to the Syrian war, from those standing on street corners to friends and family struggling with medical bills, need is all around us.

Where to Start Giving

With so many dire causes and amazing organizations, it can be overwhelming to know where to focus our time and money. While many of us may want to help, we wonder how best to do so. Really, there are so many simple ways to give.

At Ink and Quill Communications, we are committed to making a difference, that is why for Giving Tuesday, we wanted to highlight a few ideas to show you that giving can happen for more than just one day.

Give Time

Your time is one of the most valuable gifts that you can share this Giving Tuesday. Naturally, we are all busy with projects, clients, and life, but a gift of time can make a huge difference to someone else. While you may be inclined to choose to give your time to an organization in the community, remember that you can look closer to home as well. Friends and colleagues always appreciate the gift of time, whether it’s over a cup of coffee or helping to do things around the house.

When it comes to giving time, you can volunteer for one day, one event, or for a much longer time. Hospitals, children’s organizations, and shelters are just some places that always need helpful, giving volunteers.

Give a Donation

When it comes to Giving Tuesday, many of us think in terms of giving money. Opening your checkbook is easy to do this time of year since you can work it into your holiday giving. Look locally at food banks, homeless shelters, and angel trees at your children’s school or the mall. Nationally, you can choose to support a number of excellent charities. Here at Ink & Quill Communications, we donate a portion of our sales to ChildHelp not just on Giving Tuesday but year round. Consider doing the same. Or create a legacy gift in your will or trust.

Give a Gift That Gives Back

If you don’t have enough in your budget, you can give in other ways. Donate your time by volunteering at a nearby animal shelter or soup kitchen. Sign up to become an organ donor. Give blood. The possibilities for good deeds are endless.

Change Your Definition of Giving Tuesday

When you think about how to give, go beyond charities. Giving doesn’t have to be limited to charitable organizations. From cleaning up a neighborhood park or volunteering in your child’s school to organizing a community garden, make a commitment and give back.

If you have children, get them in on the act. What better way to teach them about the importance of supporting others?

Employers, motivate your team to give back as well. Are you in a trade that could support Habitat for Humanity? Could you work with the United Way to pull a percentage of before-tax payroll? Lead by example and see how far the giving can go.

Share the Good

Whatever you choose to support for Giving Tuesday, share the love! The movement has a hashtag, #GivingTuesday, so allow the community to connect. Your efforts will be seen and, perhaps, emulated. What better way to move in to the holiday season than by giving?

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