Five Steps to Social Media Success

social media success with iconsWhen it comes to content marketing, or marketing in general, most companies feel that they should be on social media. Primarily, they feel they should be on Facebook. And that makes sense, but it’s only effective if they really know how to reach and engage their social audience. If you’re looking for social media success, read on.

1. Educate Followers

As the leader in your industry, you should be a source of knowledge and education. Jay Baer really advocates for this in his book Youtility. It’s also the main principle of BNI: Givers Gain. When you share information and give liberally, you’ll see that good things come back your way in the form of social media success.

Plan to educate and enlighten your followers about one-third of the time in your posts.

2. Have Some Fun

Sure, there’s a benefit to sharing links and educating people on social media, there’s no doubt. But who wants to do business with a company that’s nothing but stuffy? Let’s compare coffee shops for a minute: In Arizona, the big three are Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Dutch Bros. If you want coffee, you can go to any of those, and you might even get okay service. But if you want fun, you’re heading directly to Dutch Bros.; it’s what they’re known for.

Maybe you don’t want your brand to be all fun all the time, but if you allow yourself to put a little levity into your social media marketing, you’ll gain a more interested, engaged, and loyal following. It’s a good idea to incorporate something fun for about one-third of your posts.

3. Use Branded Images for Social Media Success

Have you heard of Canva? If you’re not a graphic designer, Canva is the best place to go and create some images for your brand. This free resource has plenty of free templates, and you can upload your logo to make an image yours. And for just $1 an image, you have access to Canva’s complete stock. Share quotes, calls to action, or just plain-old images, but make them branded. Images get a much bigger interaction on Facebook, and you can use them on Pinterest and Instagram too, which are all about the images.

4. Link to Your Website

Your goal with being on social media is to get new clients, right? Then you need to ask your followers to buy. Push them to landing pages, certain products, or blogs and information that is living on your website. Plan to integrate direct calls to action about one-third of the time.

One benefit of linking to your website is the SEO push you’ll get. Twitter posts are indexed on Google incredibly quickly, and your using your website link will help your site come up higher in the search. When you pair that link with hashtags and strong keywords, you’ll have even better returns.

5. Spend Money on Facebook Ads

You’ve heard the saying that you have to spend money to make money, and that’s definitely true on Facebook. Their algorithm is set so that you almost have to spend money to get your posts to be seen, so invest in your brand.

The good thing is that you don’t have to spend a lot to get a return. Choose something that has a call to action (a link to your website, a specific product or service you’re pushing) and spend $25 to $50 on boosting that post. Be sure to target your audience for the best reach.

Need Help Finding Social Media Success?

If all of this sounds like it’s over your head, don’t worry. Help is available. The Grammar Doctors manages social media for brands around the country, and we can help you gain traction on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Learn more how we can make a difference in your content marketing by contacting us now.