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For most businesses and entrepreneurs, your website is the first thing to complete when you start a new enterprise. And as you grow, however, it’s one of the things that often gets forgotten. At Ink & Quill Communications, our Phoenix website writing services help you stand out, drive traffic, and convert visitors.

What Is Website Development?

No doubt, you know what a website is. It’s the first way potential customers interact with your brand online. It can be a calling card or a revenue generator, depending on what your goals are with this online address. For businesses with a physical location, the website is an expansion of the brand, but for virtual businesses, it really is the brand. That’s why websites represent such an investment of both time and money.

And a website is not a “set it and forget it” kind of thing. You’ll build your online presence when you build your business, and you want to revisit this component annually to see if it’s still performing to your expectations. While a full-scale rebuild might not be a requirement every year (let’s hope it’s not!), there’s nothing wrong with a few facelifts from time to time. We offer Phoenix website writing services for wherever you are in your business.

Questions: They’re How We Learn

We’re the kind of people who, when we were in school, had all of the questions. Questions are how we learn new information. So when we’re on-boarding a new client at Ink & Quill Communications, you can expect that we’re going to ask quite a few of them. It’s not a test, really; we just need to know some things about how you do business, and with whom you want to do business, so we can better represent you in your website development.

The kinds of questions we ask include:

What is the goal of the website?
While most people think their businesses should just have a website, you might be building it for a more specific purpose. Perhaps it’s an online brochure. Or maybe you want to drive traffic there. You website might be a way to sell a specific product or service, or to get visitors to sign up for your newsletter, video series, or other giveaway.

Who is your target market?
You have to know who your target market is before you can design any kind of marketing materials, much less your website content. This is the beginning of developing personas so we know where your potential customers live, work, and play. Then we can offer Phoenix website writing services in a way that speaks to those people and drives them to action.

What is the look and feel of your brand?
If you think about well-known brands, you can conjure up an image of how they look and feel. Starbucks locations are the same, whether you’re sipping a cappuccino in Seattle or an espresso in Tokyo. Your website should reflect the brand as a whole, so we want to know how that brand looks and feels—both to you and to your customers.

What tone do you want the website to have?
Language is powerful, as are images. They interact very intimately on a website to create the tone. Website development for a financial advisor is very different from that for a charity, for example. We’ll need to have a discussion about the tone of your website based on your target market and goals.

What do you want website visitors to feel?
Tone sets the stage for the feel your website visitors will have. As an example, financial advisors might have an authoritative tone and want visitors to feel secure when they review the website. Whatever you want your visitors to feel will be played out with images, layout, and content.

What is your call to action (CTA) for the website?
For most businesses, they want website visitors to do something when they visit the website. That might include signing up for a newsletter, downloading an ebook, following the brand on social media, or filling out a contact form. We’ll determine which is the best option for you and incorporate your CTA throughout the site.

What is your “why” and your unique selling proposition (USP)?
No businesses exist in a vacuum, and the same is true with website development. Your brand has competition, and it’s our goal with your marketing to differentiate it from those other companies. Your USP is how you do what you do better than anyone else—and why they want to call you first.

How does your website fit into your overall sales cycle?
How you use your website determines the looks and feel as well as the CTA. You need to determine how, in your sale cycle and marketing funnel, your website fits. Its position in the grand scheme of things will help us create it in a way to meet your goals.

Will you be incorporating SEO? And if so, what key phrases are you targeting on each page?
We always encourage clients to consider SEO when it comes to website development. However, some businesses are not focusing on this component. If you are looking to include keywords, we will help you determine what those phrases are and how we can build them into content and design.

By asking these questions, we help you find your focus and really flesh out your content-marketing strategy. In many cases, brands haven’t even considered these components, so we act very much as a business consultant to determine the direction of business marketing. Naturally, the answers we receive help us create the best website to differentiate your brand.

Your Website Development Investment

A website truly is an investment into your business marketing and branding. We offer a variety of services in website development to help you reach your goals.

Website Design and Development
Most basic websites start at $3,000 for design, development, and content. If you just need a simple website, we start at $2,000 and go up from there.

Phoenix Website Writing Services
If you’re working with a website designer and just need your content developed, we will interview you and craft original content that fits all of your requirements. For SEO purposes, each page should be at least 350 words. We start at $350 per page for 500–700 words and at $480 for 701–1,200 words. A 20% discount is applied for three or more pages of content.

We can also edit and rework the content you’ve created. That starts at $50 per hour, and most sites take 1–3 hours to complete.

Consultations are always free. Schedule yours here.

Great Phoenix Website Writing Services Create a Competitive Advantage

Once we have all of this information, we get to work to create a website that represents your brand and speaks to your target market. With our team of graphic designers, website development programmers, SEO experts, and content writers, we build websites that work—no matter what your goal is.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re launching a business or looking to improve the look and feel of your online presence, you only have one call to make: Ink & Quill Communications. Our Phoenix website writing services team collaborates with businesses around the globe to improve their marketing and get their word out to their potential customers. We drive results, one word at a time.