Website Design & Content

For most businesses, their website is the first way in which potential customers find out about them. It also serves as a sign that the brand is real and viable. A website isn’t something that should be left as an afterthought. And it’s really not something you can do yourself in a weekend. After all, a powerful website needs some key components:

  • It needs to pass the 3-second test, which says who you are, what you do, and how to contact you.
  • The design has to be mobile friendly, including the correct links for mobile.
  • If online lead generation is your goal, you have to consider SEO from the start.
  • And if you’re driving SEO, your website needs a blog.
  • Remember that it must have an SSL certificate.
  • Your website should be updated regularly.

There are probably a million things you’re good at. We’re guessing building a great website isn’t one of them. Luckily for you, you have Ink & Quill Communications in your back pocket.

Website Design: The Full Package

After having worked with a number of local and national brands, we’re pretty smart about creating websites that engage visitors and drive them to action. Whether you want a simple website (aka online brochure), a website that converts visitors into customers, or a comprehensive retail site, we have you covered.

With our full website design package, you’ll get the Smartest treatment: smart design, smart content, and smart SEO. And by the way, that’s all custom to your brand and your goals. We’re not into cookie cutters, templates, or rehashing someone else’s content. Instead, we want your brand to look like the unique business it is.

Content Only, Please

If you’re working with a designer and/or SEO company, no problem. We can write the content so it’s ready for your team to load it onto your site. We’ll still ask targeted questions and ensure everything is working to best represent your brand.

And if you just need design because you’re writing your own content, we can handle that too.

Ready to learn more? Schedule your get-to-know-you call. In just 10 minutes, we’ll know if we’re a good fit and can help you.