How are you staying in contact with your community? Social media is one option—and a good one at that—but only a small percentage of the people who follow your page even see your posts, much less engage with them. Newsletters offer a way to communicate with prospects, clients, and referral partners. They also provide an avenue for drip marketing, which pushes contacts through your sales funnel from prospect to customer.

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Stay Top of Mind; Drive Results

Whether you choose to print and mail newsletters or send them electronically, they can be an integral part of your content-marketing efforts. When you take a strategic approach to developing your newsletters, you can drive some solid results for your brand.

We collaborate with your team to identify areas to include in each newsletter and what your calls to action will be. For email newsletters, we can use a template on the platform of your choosing or work with your designer (or one of our trusted partners) to create a custom design for print or email newsletters.

The industry standard open rate for email newsletters is 15%, and we generally obtain 25%+ on our efforts. Don’t be discouraged about open rates; often, just seeing your name and business in their inbox can help keep prospects and clients in the conversation and even reach out to you. And although direct mail gets a bad rap, not many companies mail these days, so just being different can help your brand stand out.