Ebooks and White Papers

ebooks and white papersWhen it comes to content marketing, most companies start with their websites—which is, admittedly, a great place to start. But there’s that tricky question of converting website visitors to customers, and too many websites do a poor job of making that happen. The answer to how to do that may be easier than you thought possible: create a bribe.

What is a bribe on your website, you ask? Essentially, you provide something of value to visitors—free of charge—and require them to provide their name and contact information to get that item. In most instances, the bribe is some form of ebooks and white papers. For a residential cleaner, it might be an ebook of the seven secrets to clean your home like the pros. For a pest control company, it might be an ebook of the five things you must know about termites. These powerful ebooks and white papers draw interest and engage website visitors to give up their valuable emails so you can begin to market them through newsletters!

White papers, while similar to ebooks in their approach, are typically more technical in nature. They usually involve case studies and a little more research than ebooks, which focus primarily on design. White papers are, by definition, white: type on a white background. While they may include graphs or charts, they are not designed, as such.

Ebooks and white papers can also be used as part of a content marketing outreach effort to send to prospects via email or postal mail as additional proof of the brand’s effectiveness or expertise. Imagine how effective it would be to send a white paper that provides third-party support of your product! Or what about turning an ebook into a MiniBük to give to attendees at your next presentation? The possibilities are limitless.

We pride ourselves on having no hidden costs when working with clients. All fees include research, writing, and editing. Ebooks and white papers start at $.60 per word, and your total investment is based on number of words needed. For ebooks, we will happily integrate one of our trusted partners on the design. Contact us to learn more.