Article Writing

While some people use the terms “blogs” and “articles” interchangeably, when it comes to content marketing, there’s a big difference between the two. Generally speaking, blogs are 500–700 words long, whereas articles can be 1,000+ words. Also, while blogs are only published on a company website, articles can be published online on a site like or sent for publication in online sites, newspapers, trade publications, or magazines.

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Reach a Bigger Market

Article writing is a way to share educational information with the general public or a target market. Sometimes, your company may be asked to contribute an article to a publication, and other times, you may request that an article be published through your public relations and outreach efforts.

When you engage with Ink & Quill Communications for article writing, we collaborate on appropriate topics and how to engage editors to print your article by tying into current events or pressing topics. We then research all aspects of the article writing through talking with you and key players in your company as well as competitive and online research. Like blogs, article writing usually involves discussing a specific topic and then bringing in your company (or key person in your company) as an expert on that topic. Neither blogs nor articles should be considered a tool for directly marketing or selling your company, products, or services; they are ways to position your brand as an industry expert.

At your request, we will help you identify appropriate avenues for publication, including online and offline resources. Please keep in mind that some publications require companies to pay to publish articles, and that investment will vary based on the publication.