Five Steps to Social Media Success

When it comes to content marketing, or marketing in general, most companies feel that they should be on social media. Primarily, they feel they should be on Facebook. And that makes sense, but it’s only effective if they really know how to reach and engage their social audience. If you’re looking Read More

5 Tactics That Will Elevate Your LinkedIn Game

With 433 million users logging into LinkedIn on a regular basis, the site represents a veritable smorgasbord of business opportunities. If you are looking for professionals as a B2B company, maximizing your personal LinkedIn profile is going to get you further faster than working to grow your Read More

Should You Be Advertising on Facebook?

Thanks to ongoing changes in Facebook analytics, fewer and fewer eyes are seeing your posts. What once started as a leveler in the playing field of marketing for businesses large and small is again making it harder for the little guy to gain traction in social media marketing. So is it time to Read More

Buyer Beware: Ensure Value from Your Vendors

In this day and age of being able to click a couple of buttons to do a check on a person or company, it amazes me when consumers don't do just that. Recently, I have heard of too many people who have just blindly given money to "experts," based on the fact that they ran into them at a networking Read More

The Five Things You’re Doing Wrong on Social Media

Like it or not, social media marketing is here to stay, and businesses are using it more and more as part of their integrated marketing strategy. But if you're a late adopter, you may not be quite sure how to play the game. Truthfully, even if you jumped on the social media marketing bandwagon years Read More