Article Writing for SEO

article writing for seoWe all know that, when it comes to marketing online, content is king. It is the backbone of all good SEO (search engine optimization) and can make a world of difference in your Google ranking. Typically, we think to add content to our main business website, by way of pages or blogs, but there’s another option. Article writing for SEO can add not only content but helpful backlinks for a comprehensive SEO approach.

There are two really big things about articles that distinguish them from blogs:

1. Articles are longer than blogs.
Most blogs are 300–800 words, whereas articles start at 1,000 words and can be double that amount. That gives you much more content to work with to incorporate keywords and, of course, more information.

2. Articles are hosted on a different site, other than your main website.
A site such as is a great place to post your articles. Why? Because they provide backlinks to your site, which is a good thing in SEO. Also, they broaden your audience. While someone could happen across your blog in a Google search, a large article database will have more pull than your business site does, so when someone is searching for your keywords, she’ll likely end up finding your article easier when it’s on a larger site. And many people (including reporters) head to a site like to find expert information, which you will be sharing!

Article writing for SEO, much like blog writing for SEO, requires you to choose a topic that will resonate with your targeted audience, is full of keywords, and includes the three E’s: educational, entertaining, and engaging. Write the article like any other article you’d read in a magazine: It’s not about you or your company; it’s about the topic at hand. Provide value and share your knowledge as an industry expert.

Remember that article writing for SEO is not active selling. You don’t use your content to sell anything. Instead, as the expert, you educate readers. However, at the end of the article, you will want to add a blurb about the author (you). It’s here that you can share links to your site and information about why you’re the person to contact about the article topic.

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