“Amanda Miller is technically one of the best writers I have ever encountered, both in the quality of her prose and the preciseness of the copy.”
— Michael Grossman, President, Fifty Plus One, Inc.

“Yesterday was my first time visiting the lunch group that you spoke at, but I just wanted to say I was very impressed with your presentation. As I alluded to during one of my questions to you, given what I do (business coaching), I’m in the networking world a lot and hear a lot of content strategy ‘experts’ talk about that topic. Although you obviously covered many of the same things your colleagues/competitors talk about, I was very impressed with how much more practical and useful your explanations of the same topics seemed to be.”
— Frank Bevacqua, Ph.D., Time to Thrive Coach

“From a quick email blast to copy for your website, Ink & Quill Communications gets it. They are the best and easy to work with.”
— Tony Medlock, PJ’s Flowers & Events

“I had the opportunity to work with Ink & Quill Communications and had an incredible experience. Amanda is a wordsmith who can take a very rough material and turned it into literary content. Everyone has an idea, but the ability to communicate this to a broader audience in today’s world of 120 characters is harder than one would think. Amanda is a consummate professional who is responsive, collaborative, and creative. She took the project on with a very tight deadline and delivered. I would highly recommend her services and will work with Ink & Quill Communications again.”
— Sarah Nolan, CopperWynd Resort & Club

“One of my clients was telling me how awesome it was that I’m so engaged in LinkedIn. He was asking me about some recent posts and why I chose those things to post about. Obviously, I made some stuff up—until I told him I don’t do it. They were impressed.”
— Ryan Englin, Core Matters

“I needed some content for a project I am doing and couldn’t be happier with the level of support and the quality of Ink & Quill Communications’ work. Their writers make me realize that no matter how hard I try or how long I take, I cannot hold a candle to what an expert writer can do. This team is full of those experts. Do yourself a favor save yourself the time and headache…hire Ink & Quill Communications.”
— Justin Blake, Rising Phoenix SEO

“We’ve worked with Ink & Quill Communications for the last several years at my firm. As the primary contact for my firm and Ink & Quill Communications, I’ve always found them to be highly professional, responsive, and transparent in their processes. One of the biggest challenges that typically occurs when working with a copywriter is finding someone who can ask the right questions to help them understand what you want to accomplish, and Amanda’s team does a solid job of guiding you along so that they can turn out a product that accurately represents the kind of result I want. I would recommend Ink & Quill Communications to businesses that are looking to work with a collaborative content professional and are focused on getting high-quality results. Amanda Miller and Ink & Quill Communications will not disappoint you.”
— Brian Gatti, Inspire Business Concepts

“Amanda and I have worked together on numerous projects, and she is my go-to referral for writing, content, and editing. In addition to being a great writer and creator, she always gets projects done quickly and on (or under) budget. Plus, she’s just a great person whose personality can light up a room (or a phone call). Amanda is a Wonder Woman. You’ll be in great hands if you utilize her talents!”
— Josh Weiss, 10 to 1 PR

“This looks awesome! I am very impressed. When I read it, I thought, ‘I would hire them.’”
— Tameka Fox Hartman, Fox Hartman Consulting

“Ink & Quill Communications has helped me with several aspects of marketing my business, including the creation of my Facebook page and writing marketing content. They are very easy to work with and can create content that is consistent with the personality of the business.”
— Chris Comus, Grand Canyon Technology

“Amanda is an exceptionally gifted and intuitive writer who is driven by curiosity and creativity. She invests the time to explore the depths of the given project or subject matter to formulate comprehensive and engaging written solutions.”
— Jason Parker, Ignite Media

“I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I am benefitting from your help. My former company merged with another company and my role was eliminated. Thanks to your input, I had such a head start on updating my personal marketing documents. I started plugging away at my LinkedIn profile and immediately caught the attention of headhunters all across the country.”
— Joanna Bledsoe

“Great experience! My expectations were met and the consultation was more than what I expected!”
— Chris Ramos

“Wanted to send you my sincerest thanks. The resume you created helped me get a job, and I started yesterday.”
— Lauri Curran

“I appreciate your work, and I want to let you know I am already seeing positive results with the resume. I have had a few callbacks, and on Thursday I am already going in for my second interview with a company!”
— Nathan Rea

“I have used Ink & Quill Communications’ resume services on several occasions. Always appreciate their approach. Amanda and her team get a well-rounded feeling and detailed technical information to create a great product for each job and client. Ink & Quill Communications is always my go-to for writing, editing, and review.
— Antoinette Kunda

“The CV you created for me worked very well; I got many job offers and took the one I wanted!”
— Melanie Cross, MD

“By the way, I accepted a job offer last week! I feel the resume you wrote absolutely helped me land this, as I was up against a colleague who was laid off at the same time and who had more experience than I, but I was told I came across more professional and had the better resume.”
— Matt Billow

“Please accept my thanks for your help with my resume and preparing me to interview. I have accepted a position. The assistance your team provided was outstanding and was a main driver in bringing my skills up to date.”
— Mark Rubin

“I credit Ink & Quill Communications’ rework of my resume with the swift success of my recent job search. In two months, I received offers from two fantastic companies and will be starting my dream job next week. Their interview process helped me clarify the successes of my previous positions and what made me a great person to hire. Then the team rewrote the resume to highlight these points. Once I replaced my prior resume with the new version on LinkedIn and other job sites, I began receiving more resume views, recruiter calls, and interview requests. It made a huge difference in my job hunt.”
— Kim Cramer

“Ink & Quill Communications does great work and provides tremendous value. I would recommend them to anyone in need of resume or career guidance.”
— Kevin Conroy

“I have to tell you, my friends, mom, brother…everyone asked me if I really wanted to spend money for updating a resume! And I told them, ‘You don’t understand; my first time around with this company was fantastic so, yes.’ Years ago, when you put together my first resume, I bragged. I can’t wait to show off my updated one to the naysayers! Sometimes I just don’t think people realize how important it is to start off professionally. The resume is the first contact you meet with a prospective employer, for goodness’s sake!”
— Dyani Johnson Cordray

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