Ink & Quill Communications is a digital marketing firm with a focus on corporate communications, content marketing, and personal branding. We are based in Phoenix, Arizona and serve clients across the globe. Established in 2006 as The Grammar Doctors, we rebranded in 2017 to better encompass all that we do for our clients. Our passion is to help businesses, brands, and business professionals develop and share their stories to build solid communities and deliver a strong return on investment (ROI).

Our mission: To be a beacon of knowledge and insight in the areas of corporate communications, content marketing, and personal branding, both in strategy and implementation.

Our vision: Ink & Quill Communications is a center of education in which we share the art of content marketing with our clients so they can share their vision with their customers and clients. We support our clients’ goals, whether they are to gain more revenue, recognition, or market share.

How We’re Different

It’s all about transparency for us. And fun. We are honest with you about what we can and can’t do, how we’re going to do it, and when we’ll have it complete. That honesty starts from the minute you reach out to us and continues long after your projects are complete. Without integrity, we are nothing, and without fun, life gets pretty boring. That’s why we like to integrate both.

You may have worked with a professional writing firm in the past, and you may have been confused about what they could do for you. We know our strengths and our limitations; we play on the former and strive to eliminate the latter. If we can help, we’ll tell you, but if we can’t, we’ll help find someone who can. It’s that simple.

We are invested in your success, whether we’re writing website content, blogs, a sales letter, or a resume. You should be happy with what we do for you but, perhaps more importantly, it should yield results. If we can’t help you get where you want to be, we haven’t done our job—and that’s not fun for us.

It Starts with Strategy

At Ink & Quill Communications, we generate ideas. We ask tough questions. We get to the heart of what can make a difference in your corporate communications, content marketing, and personal branding. Nothing we do exists in a vacuum, and we will push you to integrate your strategies so that we can see the results we want.

Although we provide a service—writing—we look at our services as an outgrowth of a bigger strategic approach. What we aren’t is transactional. We build relationships and partnerships with our clients based on how we work together to deliver results.


Meet Amanda, Ink & Quill Communications’ CEO and Lead Content Strategist

Amanda Collins launched Ink & Quill Communications when her son, Patrick, was born. Her goal was to be able to raise her son along with her business. That vision has grown to encompass a small, virtual team that includes a social media manager, writers, and career coach. Amanda is the face of Ink & Quill Communications, and she even sports pink hair to match the brand.

When not writing, Amanda still spends most of her time with her son, as well as the other man in her life, her fiancée Daniel. She cooks every night and follows a low-carb lifestyle, which fits perfectly with her focus on fitness. She’s happiest at the gym or on the trail; she exercises at least six days a week. Amanda’s alter ego is Wonder Woman, and she has amassed a vast collection of memorabilia that includes not only Princess Diana of Themyscira but also Ariel, the little mermaid.