How PR Can Drive Marketing

public relationsGuest post courtesy of Wendy Dessler, Outreach Manager at OutreachMama on behalf of

Anything done to build relationships and improve communication with audiences is PR. This encompasses efforts online and offline. In the past, PR used ads, placements, and impressions to create the valuable appearance of the company. The problem is that they did not tie the efforts to the outcomes. But times have changed.

Public relations specialists have changed their programs and strategies to have a tremendous and undeniable impact on website growth, increased sales and leads, and increasing reach. This brand-building technique is taking PR to new levels of success.

Below are some excellent tips that show how integrated PR accelerates your marketing content success.

Create a Media Database

Begin with a media database that includes online blogs, publications, and trade publications in relevant markets. Track the information. Minimum tracking information includes:

  • Outlet name
  • Address
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Social media links
  • Notes concerning areas of interest

(Add tracking information that is relevant to your business.)

Do not waste time and money blasting pitches and press releases to the wrong outlets. Sending pitches blindly wastes your resources. It can come across as unprofessional. Be focused and precise with your target base. Only pitch relevant publications with relevant audiences.

Research Editorial Calendars

Most editorial calendars give a list of publication subjects well in advance. Keep a close watch on the calendars and only pitch the publications that line up with your message. Editors will be a lot more willing to work with you, if you do your research and do not bomb them with pitches that do not fit into their publications.

Watch for opportunities to pitch stories. If someone on your media list has an upcoming publication that is about a topic you have written about, pitch it. You may find opportunities to pitch ebooks, video blogs, and infographics you hadn’t previously considered. Think outside the box and impress editors by offering them value.

Persuade the Influencers

Could your material influence the readers of another PR or marketing writer, publisher, or blogger? Get it in front of them. If they are impressed and influenced, they will share your material. This is a win-win situation.

Expand your reach

Publications and bloggers expand their reach by using guest blogs and bylined articles from other executives. This is a current and proven strategy that you should incorporate into your PR plans.

Pursue speaking engagements and use that platform to speak of topics and concepts from your content marketing. This gives you an opportunity to showcase the company’s credibility, expertise, and leadership in the field. Industry events are a perfect way for leaders of the company to reach your target audience.

Reach for Awards

Watch for programs in the industry that recognize superb quality in marketing. Award programs allow you to reach new audiences and often extend the life of a content-marketing program.

There is no doubt that combining content marketing with PR accelerates brand awareness. It increases leads and sales and helps build relationships and loyalty. When you commit to this approach, you will exceed your expectations for success.

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