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“What do you do?”

Our jobs are so closely linked to our identities that this is often the first question we ask when meeting new people. But when you lose your job or are in a career transition, it can be a question that brings up a lot of raw emotions. That’s why, at Ink & Quill Communications, we do so much more than Phoenix resume writing. We act as your personal coach, branding strategist, career counselor, and advocate to help illuminate all of the value you can provide moving forward.

Job seekers need to work with an experienced resume writer who can show employers who they are and want to be while showcasing those key attributes and keywords that bring their resumes to life.

Phoenix Resume Writing Tailored to You

It’s unfortunate that most people haven’t really learned how to write a great resume. Instead, they have a laundry list of things they can do. But that’s not how a resume showcases your talents and value proposition. After all, it truly is a marketing document designed to get you an interview.

With 20+ years of experience, the team at Ink & Quill Communications knows how to write a resume that captures attention. We write for two audiences: people and applicant tracking systems (ATS). And we know how to get the best information from you so your document really talks about how you can help a company meet its goals.

We have two different ways in which we acquire the information we need from you: either through a worksheet that you fill out or a consultative approach. The vast majority of our clients choose the latter option, which pairs you with a professional resume writer to guide you through the process in a two-hour conversation. We work with clients around the globe, so no matter where you are, our Phoenix resume writing team is able to help you create an interview-getting marketing document.

Career Coaching to Realize Your Career Goal

Not sure what you want to do? Our global career development facilitator (GCDF) will provide some direction and suggestions to get you on the right track. She has helped hundreds of our clients discover the best path for their self-fulfillment and professional development through guided coaching and targeted questions.

Why is knowing your career goal so important to the resume writing process? At Ink & Quill Communications, we only create strategic resumes. We believe that a resume is a bridge that connects your experience and accomplishments to a specific goal. It showcases your value proposition to support that goal, and knowing precisely what you want to target allows us to position you to best accomplish it.

Once you have a clear handle on your career goal, our resume writing conversation will move forward to discuss your experience. Depending on our strategy, we’ll develop either a chronological, functional, or combination resume approach. We spend a significant amount of time discussing your accomplishments, as they are the crux of your value proposition. Accomplishments are key to not only the resume writing process but also to your interview and networking success.

Interview and Job-search Support

Following our conversation about your resume, we will provide extensive coaching on how to get the most out of your job search. This includes a discussion of the interview, looking for a position using traditional and modern methods, and networking in real life and online.

Time and again, our clients tell us that, even more than our resume writing services, the support they receive in finding a job proves to be the most valuable part of working with us. In fact, when clients use our resumes in combination with the strategies and tactics we suggest as part of our job-search support, they are able to obtain new positions or promotions within an average of six weeks.

We want you to succeed, and we will do everything in our power to help you reach the next step in your career journey, whether that is your first step out of college or your final position prior to retirement. You can trust our 20+ years of experience.

Additional Services to Support Your Search

resume writing exampleWe would love to tell you that, with Phoenix resume writing services from Ink & Quill Communications, the sky will part and a job will land in your lap. But we know that’s not the reality of the situation. That’s why we provide job-search coaching to all of our clients who choose the consultative resume approach. We also provide a number of other services to help support your job search and ensure your success.

Cover Letters
It’s true that a majority of recruiters and employers don’t read cover letters, but for those who do, they’ll want you to put your best foot forward. We can write an assertive cover letter that complements your resume to bring to the forefront your strongest attributes and increase your chances of securing the interview.

LinkedIn Bio
Did you know that LinkedIn is the #1 way that recruiters and employers source candidates? We naturally include LinkedIn coaching and strategies for all clients who choose a consultative resume writing package. But you may choose to really elevate your LinkedIn profile with a custom bio. Your resume writer will draft a bio that showcases your talents and adds just enough personal information to paint you as a three-dimensional person and highlights the attributes you will bring to a new organization.

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