Social Media Management

Social media is the key to gaining engagement in our fast-paced, on-the-go world. After all, most people are interacting via a mobile device. That means your business needs to be available where your audience is. And social media is a great way to reach and interact with them.

At Ink & Quill Communications, we approach social media from the perspective of content marketing. We create and share posts that incorporate video, images, and text that entertain and educate your followers. To that, we add direct calls to action to drive results. If you are using a company for paid social media advertising, we can provide a good mix to complement that approach.

Please note that Ink & Quill Communications is not a social media agency; we are a corporate communications agency. As such, we focus on engagement and community rather than large-scale ad campaigns. We also cannot support brands that are using Facebook Business Manager.

Custom, Curated Content

Through an intake form, we learn more about your business and gain an understanding of the tone and kinds of information we should share. Our goal is to create engagement, generate shares, and spark conversations. We believe in a mix of informative and educational content, direct calls to action, and a little humor (when appropriate). And we welcome your involvement through regular communication to stay in tune with what your company is doing so we can share it appropriately.

The content we share for your brand is unique, and we search the web and industry information to find what works best for your needs. We also include custom images that incorporate your logo and calls to action to showcase your brand’s expertise.

Metrics and Measurements

In addition to maintaining open communication to ensure we are sharing appropriate content, we also provide monthly reports on how we’re doing. Our goal is engagement, and if we’re not doing that well, we want to change it up and improve. Your wins are our wins, and we strive daily to increase our results.

Smart Social Media Solutions

IQ social mediaAs a corporate communications agency, we know that social media is just one piece of a much larger pie—and we prefer to tailor our approach to reflect that. We could promise a lot of income is going to come your way by just managing your business Facebook page, but we know the likelihood of that is slim. Instead, we would rather use social media in conjunction with blogs, a landing page, free ebook designed to grab potential customers’ email addresses, and an email campaign to drive them to action. Integration is the name of the game, and that’s where we excel.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you engage audiences using social media.