Content Marketing

What Is Content Marketing

If you’re at all involved in the world of marketing online, aka digital marketing, you’ve heard of content marketing. “Content is king,” according to most in the industry. But just having content isn’t enough; you need to have a marketing focus.

Therefore, content marketing is writing that drives readers to action.

There are plenty of professional writers out there that can write a great, interesting story, but if they can’t drive reader to do something, they’re missing the boat. At Ink & Quill Communications, we are marketing writers. Our content converts because we incorporate the three E’s: entertaining, educational, and engaging.

How and Where Content Marketing Is Used

Content marketing is used by smart companies and brands that want to engage with their customers. It can live online in the form of websites, articles, blogs, press releases, newsletters, and social media. Or it can live offline in brochures, trade show materials, postcards, articles, and ads.