Blogs Writing

blogIn the online marketing field, it all starts with your website. That’s your tool to share information about the brand, create compelling content, build SEO, and drive conversions. But a website can get stagnant when it’s not regularly updated. And that’s where blogs come into the picture.

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Blogs are an excellent addition to your website for two main reasons:

  1. They position the company as an expert in the field for generating compelling content that answers prospects’ and customers’ FAQs.
  2. They build SEO when based on key phrases and words that you want Google and other search engines to associate with your brand.

In addition, you can use your blogs to share information on social media and through newsletters, which makes for a more robust, dynamic content marketing strategy.

The Grammar Doctors Difference

Unfortunately, not all content writers are focused on this multipurpose approach to writing blogs, and their efforts can fall short. While good writing is important, if it’s not based on SEO, it won’t be found online. Conversely, blogs that are full of keywords and phrases may attract the attention of search engines, but if they’re not readable by visitors, your conversion rates will fall short. That’s why you need The Grammar Doctors: content-marketing writers who focus on both engaging content and focused marketing.

In addition to understanding the importance of content and marketing, The Grammar Doctors knows how to write for WordPress and other platforms to maximize SEO return. At your request, we will secure royalty-free pictures and post the blogs on your site. If we’re involved in your social media marketing, we will also craft posts to share your blogs with your online followers.