Website Conversion: Content Marketing Is Key

There used to be a time when websites were nothing more than online brochures, but that’s all changed. Now, a website is your SEO engine that helps drive traffic. But what about when that traffic arrives on your site? With bounce rates skyrocketing, you need to do something to keep visitors there Read More

Why Marketing in a Different Language Is a Must

By guest blogger Jessica Kane of Bureau Translations Business marketing has changed dramatically in the past few years. Along with technological advances and the advent of social media, the opportunity to reach a global market offers tantalizing prospects. However, to reach a broader market of Read More

Blogs for Content Marketing: Why You Need Them

When it comes to content marketing, companies have all kinds of ideas as to how they should reach and engage audiences. Websites, social media, brochures, pay-per click (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO), and advertising are some of the ways that companies feel they should be reaching their Read More

Content Marketing: Are You Speaking to Customers or Guests?

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” — William Shakespeare Synonyms can be tricky things, especially when we think the words mean the same thing; while in actuality, they connote very different feelings. Such is the case with the words we use for the people who patronize our businesses. Read More

What Is Content Marketing and Why Should You Care?

Content marketing is a big buzzword (okay, it’s technically a phrase) in the marketing world today, as it has been for a while. But there’s some confusion among those who are not marketers (perhaps you?) as to what content marketing really is. Is it just some fancy phrase that you should ignore as a Read More

Know Your Target Market

There’s no doubt that you’ve been asked this all-important question at some point: What’s your target market? I’m still surprised when marketers and business owners answer, “Anyone” or “Everyone.” Honestly, if anyone and everyone showed up to do business with you tomorrow, could you take care of Read More

Should You Be Advertising on Facebook?

Thanks to ongoing changes in Facebook analytics, fewer and fewer eyes are seeing your posts. What once started as a leveler in the playing field of marketing for businesses large and small is again making it harder for the little guy to gain traction in social media marketing. So is it time to Read More

Build Your Business for Success: If You Build It, Will They Come?

Often times, people get good ideas to start a business and just go forth full tilt. This can happen more frequently in a down economy, when jobs are scarce, especially if your business idea takes little to no start-up capital. But just creating a company doesn't necessarily mean anyone will want to Read More

Buyer Beware: Ensure Value from Your Vendors

In this day and age of being able to click a couple of buttons to do a check on a person or company, it amazes me when consumers don't do just that. Recently, I have heard of too many people who have just blindly given money to "experts," based on the fact that they ran into them at a networking Read More

Integrated Marketing: The Key to Marketing Success

I network a lot, and at a recent event, someone was relaying a story about NASA. Apparently, back in the day, they spent millions of dollars researching and inventing a pen that would write upside down, underwater, and in zero gravity, to be used by their astronauts. Meanwhile, our Russian peers Read More