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Hunting Bunny Farmers, not Bunnies

If your business relies on how many clients you secure, it can be pretty stressful. No clients mean no money, right? For most of us, we find prospects through our websites, social media, or in-person networking. They provide us with the possibility of at least one closed sale - and more if those Read More


When it comes to sales, statistics say that it can take seven or more "touches" until a prospective customer is comfortable with a brand and is ready to buy. It's easy to achieve that number of touches when it's a big-name brand and ads are everywhere, but what if you're running a small business out Read More

For the last time …

Today I sat down for a one-to-one appointment with a fellow networker, and he naturally asked about my business and what I do. As I was sharing the litany of things The Grammar Doctors provides, I realized again that most people have no clue what I do. As another one-to-one appointment today pointed Read More