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Handling refunds gracefully

When I first started my business - I'm sure like many other new business owners - I guarded my money closely and was hesitant to offer a money-back guarantee on my services. Then, a few years ago, while attending a networking event, the topic came up in discussion. As the facilitator of the Read More

Customers, Clients, or Guests: Which Do You Serve?

As a successful business owner, you should have a clear understanding of the differences between the terms customers, clients, and guests. In fact, your view of these words should define your business model. Customers A customer is simply someone who buys something from another person or Read More

Overcoming your fear of success

About a year after I started my company, when I hadn't put a lot of energy into it and was frustrated with myself and its lack of forward motion, something strange and random happened to me that really got me thinking. At a dinner party, a friend did a handwriting analysis on me and said that I Read More